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All Things Butterflies - May 25, 10 am

Cindy Raimond will meet us in the garden to share her 35 years experience working with butterflies. She will teach us how to create habitat that will attract butterflies to our gardens year after year. If you love our native butterflies you will enjoy her presentation. Adults and children welcome!

One lucky attendee will win:

  • a copy of Cindy’s favorite butterfly book
  • a butterfly habitat of your own
  • Cindy’s personal cell phone number for advice
  • and several host plants to place in your own garden.

In addition, Cindy will help anyone that wants to create their own butterfly habitat during the event. Bring a very LARGE glass or plastic container or a small aquarium. If you have glass spice jars bring these also.

butterfly garden

Garden News

Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 1

Garden News Volume 1 Issue 1 2019 Page 1

Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 2

Garden News Volume 1 Issue 1 2019 Page 2

Welcome to the Southside Place Community Garden, located next to City Hall in Southside Place, Texas. The mission of this garden is to create a beautiful, shared, public space for growing organic fruits and vegetables to provide healthy organic foods to  residents of Southside Place and nearby neighbors and to help meet the nutritional needs of the hungry in the greater Houston area by donating  ourpeasnhansurplus production to local food pantries and food banks. Planting and harvesting is done by members following a master plan for plant selection, fertilization, and crop rotation. The garden is used to facilitate educational programs at local schools, providing an ideal setting to cover topics such as the food supply, nutrition, botany, insects, sustainability and others, as well as teaching life skills such as responsibility, and accountability. The garden is also be a gathering place for our neighbors, whether for intimate family picnics or large social events, to foster relationships among members of our community.

The garden organization, an affiliate member of Urban Harvest, began February 24, 2013 in a public meeting. We voted to have a communal garden, possibly with some allotted plots for rent by individuals at a later date. The City of Southside Place awarded us the use of one city-owned lot for at least for five years. In 2016, the City also agreed to allow us to use a second lot, on which we currently envision planting trees and having walkways, but adding no permanent structures. We became an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation effective October 7, 2013 so that your charitable contributions are tax-deductible. Since then, we have installed plumbing, built the first eight raised beds and planted and harvested organically grown crops every season. The front and side habitat gardens attract beneficial insects and have qualified as a certified butterfly habitat. We built a tool shed, sponsored by Texas Citizens Bank. We also erected a pergola, sponsored by Lovett Homes, which is now the focal point for gathering neighbors together.  We write a monthly column, “What’s growing on in the garden,” which serves as our public newsletter published in Southside Living Magazine. We have had several lively fundraising parties and have generated a lot of interest and camaraderie in our community.

 Next up:

  • Working meetings in the garden first and third Saturday of each month at 9:00 am (in the summer, 2:30 pm in the winter); second and fourth Wednesday of each month at 8:00 am
  • Design pathways and fruit tree plantings on the second lot 
  • Construct a bulletin board for communicating operational activities.
  • Construct one or more garden gates
  • Furnish the interior of the shed
  • Build additional beds, possibly sold as allotment  to individual families, as needed

Membership is free and no gardening experience is necessary. Open to non-Sousthside Place residents, as well. Just email to join. Also you may join our facebook group:  Anyone is welcome to come visit the garden at any time and see what’s growing.

Get involved…it’s a grassroots effort!

For more information, please go to our website at